Hidden Vegas – Hugo’s Cellar Review

Hugo’s Cellar Review…

When you first enter the Four Queens Hotel and Casino located in what locals call old downtown, you kind of feel Frank, Sammy and Dean there. It has that vibe to it. The hidden gem inside The Four Queens is the restaurant  Hugo’s Cellar. This restau- rant has romance written all over it. If you want to impress that special someone on the first date, an anniversary, birthday, and of course this would be the perfect makeup  venue. All your relationship woes go away when you take that special someone here.

You walk down  into the restaurant, that’s right down,  like your entering a cellar. My special someone and I loved the ambiance right away. We were incredibly impressed by the Maître D’, he had the uncanny ability to multitask while multitasking.  I had only seen that once before many years ago as a child and my Mom was the one doing  it, so his skill impressed us even more.  My lovely date, the incomparable Allyssa Marie was presented with a single red rose upon  our arrival. See that? (25% of the work done for you) Before you order  anything you’re looking like a rockstar in the eyes of your date. Just the right amount of romantic lighting, not too dark, not too light, it’s that elusive Goldilocks zone, just right.

We started with some sparkling wine, just to put a pinkish red cherry on the set of an already set mood. I’m impelled to say when it comes to romance dining, there  is no such thing as overkill. In fact, I’m convinced the term “Go big or Go home” was pretty much created with this subject matter in mind.

As we sat there  enjoying the ambiance and sipping our wine, our server, the ever so attentive James inquired on how we would like to start our dining experience. We both knew the answer right away, but as a matter of formality and ceremony we perused all of the enticing options  on the menu such as:

  • Hugo’s Hot Rock Specialty for Two On a sizzling granite slab medallions of filet, marinated Ahi Tuna, breast of chicken and shrimp served with a trio of our special dip- ping sauces.
  • Lobster Bisque: A rich lobster stock finished with cream.
  • Escargot en Croute Six plump Escargots sautéed in shallots, garlic, burgundy wine, fine herbs with a puff pastry topping.
  • Grilled Stuffed Portobello Grilled Portobello mushroom caps stuffed with gorgonzola; drizzled with balsamic reduc- tion.
  • Seafood on Ice for Two Delicately poached lobster medallions, jumbo shrimp and King Crab leg served with our own cocktail and remoulade sauce.

Just to name a few, but we both were unanimous and united on our final decision of the delicious Scam- pi “Hugo” Sautéed jumbo shrimp with garlic, green peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, white wine and fine herbs. I made  sure that a buttery Napa chardonnay accompanied that opening/proem delight. It was as we imagined, ambrosial and scrumptious.  We couldn’t resist having a salad made  for us table side, I mean after all, we’re only human, foodies, but human. Our server James returned after we were done with our salads to take our entrée order,  by the way, the salads were the best ever, then again why wouldn’t it be? Everything that you said you wanted in the salad seem to magically appear.

We then asked for and got the best prime rib, we wanted it medium  and it was brilliant. Tender as a Frank Sinatra torch song, (I always wanted to use that narrative in a review somewhere). The Prime Rib was accompanied by a side of garlic mash potatoes. Speaking of a torch, we ended an incredible evening with another table side pleasure. We ordered for dessert the Bananas Foster Flambéed, (next time we may choose the Cherries Jubilee). The flames were amazing, the dessert even more amazing.

You probably get the idea that we loved this place. I suggest you request James as your server, and say hello to Rich Assalone, in my humble  opinion he’s one of the best Maître D’/G.M. to work in Las Vegas. So for the Hidden Vegas series and A-List Publications, I’m Drew Brewer, Cheers!